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Through their podcast, Pod Bless Texas, former candidates and current losers Lillian Salerno and Kendall Scudder offer a humorous, informative barstool conversation about the good, the bad and the always oh-so-strange politics of their beloved Texas. Believe it or not, sometimes the most important issue doesn’t involve what bathroom you use. 

Pod Bless Texas is a weekly podcast focusing on all things Texas politics. Anyone who knows Kendall and Lillian knows that their passion for Texas and its people is real. Their weekly podcast will give listeners a sometimes irreverent, behind the scenes look at the folks who are brave enough to work in - and are brave enough to try to make sense of - Texas politics. Pod Bless Texas will showcase what really goes on in the heads of those in political power (and those vying for political power), straight from the horse’s mouth. Most of all, Pod Bless Texas will remind you of why you are so damn lucky to live in or witness from afar the Lone Star State during her Age of Reason.

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