Pod Bless Texas

Kendall Scudder and Lillian Salerno have known each other since they met in East Texas in 2010 while campaigning on behalf of the Honorable former Mayor of Houston Bill White for Texas Governor. Remember when that miserable son of a bitch Rick Perry was our worst nightmare? In retrospect-- what a dream. 

Kendall was still learning to shave and Lillian was commuting to East Texas from "Bougie" Northern Virginia, but they shared a kinship for Texas Politics and ice cream. Fast forward 8 years in the small world of Texas politics-- Kendall got older, Lillian stayed the same age, and both were candidates in the 2018 cycle in overlapping districts.  

Through their podcast, Pod Bless Texas, the former candidates and current losers offer a humorous, informative conversation about the good, the bad and the always oh-so-strange politics of their beloved Texas. 

As former candidates, Kendall and Lillian know how hard it is for ordinary folks running for office to be heard and have authentic conversations about the most important issues affecting Texans. Pod Bless Texas is the megaphone for our state’s most important figures who are on the front lines, doing what they can to save our state.  

In this age of a Commander-in-Tweet, unprecedented tribalism, and partisan divisiveness, Pod Bless Texas offers a refuge for those who want information delivered for Texans, by Texans-- including lots of hot sauce. Most of all, Pod Bless Texas will try to make sense of how the "crazy" of Texas politics does not represent the awesomeness of its people and maybe help us all dance more of the cotton-eyed joe while spinning our six shooters.  

Pod Bless Texas is a weekly podcast focusing on all things Texas politics. Anyone who knows Kendall and Lillian knows that their passion for Texas and its people is real. Their weekly podcast will give listeners a sometimes irreverent, behind the scenes look at the folks who are brave enough to work in - and are brave enough to try to make sense of - Texas politics. Pod Bless Texas will showcase what really goes on in the heads of those in political power (and those vying for political power), straight from the horse’s mouth. Most of all, Pod Bless Texas will remind you of why you are so damn lucky to live in or witness from afar the Lone Star State during her Age of Reason.