All Corn kernels are Not Equal (ft Sarah Dietch and Reverend Edwin Robinson)

Lillian enjoys some peace and quiet during Kendall's absence along with co-host. Karrol Rimal while interviewing two impressive guests alongside 3rd mic and fan favorite Laura Barry .

First, the team interviews Sarah Dietch, a political expert on the Iowa Caucus currently with the Kennedy School at Harvard (Lil's good friend). Sarah an Iowan outlines the insanity of so many candidates foraging through the 99 counties in Iowa trying to collect votes and corn kernels.

Next, Reverend Edwin Robinson a member of the Dallas Black clergy and community problem solver discusses the Amber Guyer murder trial as we wait for the defendants testimony and eventual verdict for the tragic death of Dallas-ite Botham Jean.

Additionally, the team discusses all the different levels of duress caused by the filling of articles of impeachment and questions why and how we ended up in 2019 with this level of dysfunction. Save a Farmer-Export Trump!

Pod Bless Texas